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Congratulation, Mr. President!

Congratulation, Mr. President!

Der stellvertretende Landesvorsitzende und landespolitische Sprecher der bayerischen Nationaldemokraten, Sascha Roßmüller, äußerte in einer schriftlichen Grußnote an den neugewählten US-Präsidenten Donald Trump:

„Dear Mr. Trump, dear Mr. President,

first of all heartfelt congratulations to your election victory which is hopefully not only a personal change in leadership, but primarily a victory of a paradigm shift beyond internal affairs of the United States. What I´d like to express is that a lot of hopes are associated with your presidency also outside of America. More and more people all around the world feel that concerning international relationships, geopolitical ambitions and dealing crisis - economic and military as well - the duty of the USA should be the one of a fair player respecting sovereignity, not being a supremacist neither in the sprit of freetrade globalists nor in any ideological sense.

If something is comparable in the midst of nations then that the common people - Joe Sixpack like it´s said in America - run the states, for it is important that they are the winners of elections and not the Wall Street-strategists. Further more do not only dry out the swamp of corruption of self-constituted elites, but also the source of agression called NATO in eastern Europe. Now you have the power to secure peace and freedom – and we count on you!

The triad homeland, freedom and identity is the foundation on which the values life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are able to prosper!

To this effect – good luck!

Patriotic regards

Sascha A. Roßmüller

Vice-Chairman of NPD-Bavaria“

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